Sophie 103.7

Check out Ottopilot's streetlight on the "Unsigned Sunday's" Sophie 103.7 page. Leave a message about us and well get enough to get another tune on the radio! Several new ones are about to be released.


Blue Fire Grill

The band just signed a contract with the beautiful Blue Fire Grill at the La Costa Resort.. As of right now they will be performing every wednesday from 6-10pm until 2011. There is word of a second day (maybe thursday or friday) the band will also play weekly, they will post the information as soon as its released. In the meantime, come by and enjoy some of Ottopilot's newest tunes and the relaxing atmosphere at the Blue Fire Grill.

blue fire grill

Ottopilot on the Radio

Ottopilot's hit single "Streetlight" will be aired on 103.7 within the next week or so.. When we find out exactly what day and time we will post it. The brothers also grabbed several gigs at Blue Fire Grill Next week including their weekly wednesday performance. Come support the band, and enjoy the beautiful ambience at the La Costa Resort n Spa between 6-10pm. 

tune into Sophie 103.7 tomorrow night!

Tune into Sophie 103.7 tomorrow night (Sunday the 10th) for Ottopilot's single "Streetlight". It will be aired between 9-10pm..Thanks guys! 


The band will be very busy in october. They have their weekly gigs at Rancho Valencia (every Sunday from 10-2pm) and Rimels in Cardiff (every other Sunday 5-9pm) including Blue Fire Grill on the 15th and Delicias on the 16th. Several others are up in the air at the moment, but when the date and time are announced, they will be posted on the site... also, new tunes will be up any day now! 

Upcoming show dates

 Ottopilot will be performing at Rancho Valencia every Sunday from 10am-2pm for the next couple months. The band is also close to getting a contract going with Blue fire grill (La Costa Grill). If so they will be performing there every wednesday from 6-10pm. They also play in Cardiff by the sea at Rimel's every other Sunday (next would be October 3rd). A launch party for a new store is going to include Ottopilot friday the 8th of October on Cedros in Solana Beach. Stay tuned for more details on that show and others to come! 

Blue Fire Grill/Gypsy Kings

Ottopilot will be performing at the Blue Fire Grill tonight between 6-7pm. Its located at the La Costa Resort n spa, come support the brothers! In other news, Ottopilot may be opening for "Gypsy Kings" in October at an event in Fairbanks, more info to come soon. 

September Update

The band received great exposure and feedback from the Farmer's Market in Fairbanks today. They will be performing later on at Rimel's from 5-9 pm. A new single, " If you could be" will released later on this week along with most of Ottopilots hit's on Itunes. Stay tuned and look out for them no later then September 10th!

New Releases and updates

Ottopilot has just re released "Shades of you" which is featured in the music player. The band is currently working on a music video for their hit single "Streetlight" along with a few new songs. 

Merch will be available to buy early September. It will include, T-shirts, hats, and songs will released to buy on Itunes. In the meantime, come check out the band at their future gigs. 

Ottopilot back in the studio

Ottopilot will be back in the studio and releasing two new singles that will be on Itunes and by the fall..More details coming soon.

Ottopilot will be featured in the next Troubadour

After playing a show in North park, the two brothers were approached by a reporter for the San Diego Troubadour magazine. There will be an article on Ottopilot in the next issue and hopefully many more to come. Check it out!

Ottopilot's single "Streetlight" just released

New single "Streetlight" just released by Ottopilot.. will be available on Amazon and Itunes shortly..In the meantime stream away on our website. 

New Website Coming soon!

 This will be the official website for the band Ottopilot. Including music and merch for sale, as well as tour dates, blogs and tweets. COMING SOON!


The Band's latest performance at Fixture's outdoor event gained them both notoriety and a few future gigs as well. Guest Performer included bongo/percussionist Mark lamson, who will be performing with Ottopilot on the 18th at the Rotary Club Event in Del Mar. 

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