Best of Me

Every time she throws a smile my fever runs and i lose style, its over
Im a wounded solider now
Holding on to one last chance, a comedy with some romance is closure
But I'm getting older now

On and On the world will turn
but love is all we need

Ill try not to be so complicated
Try to live my life pro rated
Youll see the best in me
You always see the best in me
Try not to be so color blind
Even though I know times on our side
Its on our side when your with me

Those little words that come and go from your lovely lips down to my toes remind me
How clarity blinds me
Lift off takes me higher than most while were so high up on love catapults, were flyin
Over the horizon

(Ohh) This takes a while, but im not alone
After all the best things in life are hard to find
Something's missing, but the pieces fit just right
Im losing all control when you smile